Return of the Friday Five

Fail Blog
Ok this is a guaranteed time-waster, so please don’t click if you don’t have time to waste. And be warned, a few are a bit on the PG-13 side, so don’t click with kids.. but OMG these made me laugh out loud! Just a collection of pictures and sometimes video of occasions where someone failed.. an official sign with bad grammar, unfortunate translations from a foreign language, etc. Good stuff.

Bee Well Miles
Great concept made even greater! Designed for people training for Breast Cancer runs/walks (like the 3day this fall.. ahem) this site gives a donation for your training! Just log the miles you walk or run and a donation will be made to Breast Cancer research in return! There’s also some great fitness information and tips, so you might just spend even more time there!

Cake Wrecks
Another funny blog.. this one showcases very bad pastry creations.. often with a hilarious commentary. It’s the anti-Ace of Cakes (food network show if you don’t already tivo it.. so cool!)

Family Fun Back to School

I know I reference them a lot but they are geniuses in my world!:)Family fun has done it again with an amazingly through back-to-school section.. everything from cool first day breakfasts and traditions you can start with your family to cool school crafts to get everyone excited!

Oliver’s Fine Foods

For anyone in the Arlington/Mansfield area, I’ve got your new favorite shop! Just opened this summer, Oliver’s Fine Foods is a family-owned shop with a completely unique yet utterly classic concept.. fresh meats, gourmet cheeses, premium wines and beers, all the great offerings of a high-end food boutique. But not only can you buy food there, you can taste it already put together by their fabulous chefs! They offer deli style sandwiches and salads, premade dinners (because who couldn’t use a little help every now and then?), and even catering! Best of all, it’s all made with high quality fresh ingredients, so you can rest assured that your family is getting the very best. Check them out and tell them I said hi… they are wonderful people with a wonderful product!