Busy little bees

I spent yesterday with the most amazing family.. all so sweet and loving, and just as busy as can be! In my first 10 minutes I had three new best friends in these darling kiddos, and by the end of the day I had a fourth.. their sweet mom!

I’m still downloading all the images from the day-they loved watching the counter on my camera go up and up!-and my camera is taking a much needed nap.. but I couldn’t resist sharing just a few.

Our day consisted mostly of playtime at home.. snuggled on mom & dads bed or in one of the impeccably decorated kids’ rooms.  Either way, these three were thick as thieves…

We took a mid-morning break to *the coffee place* for some much-needed recharging and a visit with their favorite barista, who not only knows them by name but asked about the latest basketball game!  You know they say it takes a village to raise a child, and what good is any village without decent coffee & hot chocolate?:)

By then we were wearing down, so a few books later the kids crashed for a nap.

They awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed like every good kid should, and we filled the rest of the day with play, both inside and out in the warm sunshine.  Hooray for Texas winters!

And of course we finished with bath and bedtime, and just a *little* daddy wrestling, but like I said… still downloading!  Hopefully this is enough to give you a tiny glimpse into the fun we had… and enough to hold mom’s excitement off for the next few weeks!